Help Out

Our helpers are the life-blood of the club and do everything they can to ensure our young people have the best possible experiences. We’re always looking for more helpers and are really flexible on our roles and time commitments.


What do our helpers do?

VolunteerPool Sell tuck, organise activities, sit on the committee, assist with fundraising, explain the finer points of getting pool shots on target, assisting with cooking. The list is endless.

What’s the Time Commitment?

What can you spare? Two hours a week, month, or year? We’ll work with you. Your commitment can be as big or as a small as you want. It will be appreciated. If you help at sessions, we use an online sign-up so you commit to weeks you can make, and if things change, we understand.

If you’d rather do an admin role, we’d be delighted with whatever help you are able to give in this area as well.

Is there training offered?
If you’re only helping for a one-off session, we’ll show the basics of youth club but you won’t get a lot more, I’m afraid. If you’re regularly helping and think this is something you’d be really keen on getting involved in (who wouldn’t?), we’ll offer a full induction and shadowing options with progressive routes.

We want all our young people to be safe so conduct DBS checks on all our helpers. We also ask all of our helpers to hold a valid safeguarding qualification. This can be undertaken either online or via a tutor led session as works best for you. The youth club cover agreed expenses.

Additionally there is the opportunity to undertake further training courses, both certified ones such as First Aid or Food Safety, as well best-practice sessions such as digital safety or principles of youth work.

volunteer-playing games in the cafe

What do our helpers say?
I’m really enjoying it. They’re a great bunch of kids. Sign up – you’ll enjoy it!

How can I find out more?

Please click here to see the specific roles we are currently looking for help with, although if you can think of another way to help we’d love to hear from you. No commitment, just for an initial chat. If you’d like to find out more please contact us .