Venue Hire


Our premises consists of three rooms; a main hall, a kitchen with basic facilities, and a chill-out room. Note: the office is not available to groups as this contains equipment/documents specifically related to the youth club.

Our hall is available to hire by our members (e.g. for birthday parties) and for youth related activities.

Please note that we are slowly refurbishing the hall as time and money permits so some parts of the building have more of a wow factor than others.


20171129_182648A warm welcome awaits. Having left the free public parking area outside, we have step and disabled ramp access to the main door. Inside, our foyer is part carpeted for any dirty shoes and packs a punch to show the fun that can be had inside. Whilst this space is a main fire exit, it is possible to put a table and couple of chairs here to use the space as a signing-in area if required.

MAIN HALL (Jordan Hall)

20171129_182710A space for everything. Our warm and large open hall is bright with high windows at one end so the hall receives natural light during the day. It is also flooded with light and is ideal for parties, activities, and games. To preserve our hall, no ball games or similar activities that could damage the ceiling tiles are allowed. Three large heaters make this space toasty in the winter, and the toilets are easily accessed from the hall. Electrical sockets are aplenty and the hall can be seen from the kitchen window (seen in the picture at the far end). The table tennis, air hockey, and table football equipment is Youth Club property and ‘lives’ in this space, however it is possible to remove the table tennis and table football to another area if they are in the way, as long as they are replaced. They are not usually part of the hire agreement but please check with us.



Unwind in our cosy cafe. Our small but inviting cafe has recently been redecorated to feature prints of London and New York. Why not make use of the facilities, which includes seating and table space for eight people, heating, a well stocked kitchen with sink, cooker, microwave, kettle, fridge, and freezer. We have mugs and plates, as well as some cooking equipment too. Our servery area is ideal for events where you want to present a professional look without everybody being in the kitchen. Too many cooks and all that…A bonus with the kitchen, as the hub of everything, is that one window looks to the main hall, another to the back room, so adults can keep tabs on everything that is happening from the one location.



Chill out in our hidden gem. Tucked away at the back of the building, the back room is like our hidden gem. The last part of the building to be renovated, the purple and pinks on the walls plus the heating make this a useful space to relax and unwind. It is quite a packed room with the youth club resources but remains ideal for small meetings, storage for guests coats and belongings, or a breakout room for training events. Please bear with us whilst we finish decorating this room.


  • We have disabled access throughout the building including a toilet with grab rails.
  • All litter must be removed from the hall at the expense of the hirer.
  • Any damage must be paid for.
  • We are redecorating as and when time and money permits. Please bear with us. Some areas require more work than others. If you wish to make an extra donation to our work, please look here

If you are interested in finding out more about hiring the hall as a member of the club or for youth-related activities, please do get in touch

According to the terms of our lease with the Parish Council, we can only hire to non-member and non youth-related activities if the village hall is not available.

Information on hiring the village hall facilities are available on

If you have asked them and they are not available please do get in touch with us about whether we can assist. We currently do not have a Bookings Co-ordinator but the committee are doing their best in the interim to support with bookings. If you fancy the role, please check out the details here

Access Statement


If you wish to book the hall please email:


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