We think we have a great club, probably the best in the world. What makes it great is our members. Our aim is to provide fun place that you want to come to, and where you can hang out with your friends. The club is only as good as YOU make it.

Safety Measures

We take the safety of the young people (and adults) very seriously. To find out more about our safety measures and the certifications held please click here.

Youth Club fees

Annual membership of £10, with weekly sessions costing £2. Tuck shop open as usual with prices a maximum of 50p.

Want to get involved?

Find out about adult opportunities here. We’d appreciate any offers of support, either on club nights or for the work that goes on outside of club nights. The commitment can be as much or as little as you’d like.


So you’ve reached the top of the waiting list and it’s time to join. You might not be sure if youth club life is for you though. That’s fine.

We offer you the chance of a free taster session. On this occasion we ask that you come along at 7.15pm as this ensures we have got all of our members in and an adult is ready to meet you. If by the end of the session you’ve loved it (who wouldn’t?) then simply pay your £10 membership for the year. You won’t need to pay £2 for the first week. That’s our treat.

Parents/Guardians please accompany the young person when they come for the first time so we can introduce ourselves to each other, you can meet the youth leader, and we can ensure we have correct contact details.

Casual Drop-In

We can only have a maximum of 32 young people at any session but we’re more than happy to show you around if we can. As with taster sessions please wait until after 7.15pm.

Important Information about Membership

The number of young people we can accept on an evening is limited due to Health and Safety to 32 members.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list please contact us. We will contact people on the waiting list as spaces become available.

If you need any help with filling in the form please contact us and we will assist in any way we can.