Our youth club is headed by our dedicated team of volunteers.

 We open weekly during the term time to ensure our members can come and hang out with friends and learn new skills while having fun!

Our focus has always been on young people’s wellbeing with his dissertation on mental health and the affects of mindfulness on disaffected youth.

We ensure each session is covered by a qualified First Aider and a Designated Safeguarding Lead.

The youth work team is made up of adult volunteers who want to make a difference. We have had workers change careers as a result of joining us (becoming social workers), and you can do as much or as little you want if you’re going to get involved.


We are a self-funded youth club located in Kennington, Oxford, open since 1941. Following a period of closure, in 2017, we reopened under a professionally-qualified Youth Worker, bringing a clear vision, and fresh ideas. We achieved national accreditation within three months of opening. Hundreds of young people have passed through the doors. We try not to be exclusive but we have to limit the numbers due to the number of adults available to help run sessions, as well as space in the building.

We charge an annual administration fee of £15 per young person (discounts for multiple-sibling and low income households), plus weekly fee of £2 for the weeks attended. You can pay for a term but no refunds are possible if you do not attend. We will not exclude on cost grounds so please do speak to us in confidence if this may be a concern. 


Please click the plus sign next to each to see their responsiblities.

Katie Whelan-Matthews, Trustee Chair and DSL
Donna Shayler, Committee Member, Regular Volunteer
Gemma Jackson, Regular Volunteer
Claire Lee, Committee Member
Vickie Ward, Trustee, DSL, SENco Hall Bookings
Kerri Morse, Committee member, Fundraising
Kevin Saunders, Regular Volunteer
Laura Bayliss, Trustee, Secretary
Martin Feather, Parish Councillor

Represent the young people and youth club at parish council meetings.

Matthew Earl, Regular Volunteer
Mattias Schorberg, Regular Volunteer
Rachel Jamieson, Trustee, Treasurer

Joining Info

We are not exclusive but we are limited to how many young people can legally be in the hall during sessions. We therefore ask, where possible, all young people register using the button below in order to monitor numbers and not disappoint anybody. Once registered, further information is provided about how the club operates.
Please note, once invited in, if we do not hear from you within six weeks, we will remove your details. If we invite you in, the email may go to a spam folder, so do check carefully.

 All young people MUST have a completed registration form in order to be able to attend sessions. Club must hold up to date information in case of emergencies. No details – no attending.

Key Club Info

All regular adults are DBS checked.
All regular adults receive safeguarding training.
Minimum of one first aiders per session.
One-off parent helpers are not left unsupervised.
Full working alarm system and fire extinguishers throughout.
Fire drills held a minimum of three times per year.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing

We take the wellbeing of our young people and adults very seriously. Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

Vickie Ward – Katie Whelan-Matthews

They can be contacted during sessions or via email on kycwellbeing@gmail.com

Health and Safety Representative
Katie Whelan-Matthews (Chair)


We have a range of policies. These can be found HERE.
Note: This page is currently being updated.


We need support in many different ways, and you will have a skill we can use. You don’t have to help during sessions. Our team has a variety of backgrounds, but we’d love to be able to build on that, providing a greater voice to more of the community and more opportunities for young people. If you are interested, please get in touch.