We have a great club but we do need help to keep it running and to improve what we do.

We can accept either cash or cheque donations (payable to ‘Kennington Youth Club’) and if you’d like to donate, please either give this to us on our next club night or deliver to: Mark Horseman, KYC Treasurer, 9 Manor Grove, Kennington, Oxford, OX1 5QY. Thank you.

Currently we cannot accept online donations but hope to change that in the near future.

Do you have any equipment spare that might be useful for club nights?

Please note, we would kindly ask that donations are of ‘complete’ items (i.e.: games have all pieces present), not just things you are throwing because the pieces are missing. If you can’t play the game because bits aren’t in the box, sadly we can’t either and we do not have the resources available to search for spare parts. Thank you for your understanding.

£5-10 could buy a board game

£15 could buy useful
maintenance equipment
£20 could help a young person
enjoy their first sleepover

£30 could help pay
for a cooking activity

£40 could pay for an
adult’s training course
£60 would help a young
person go on a day trip

£75 would help pay for
an activity like archery

£150 would help refurbish
our larger games equipment