Four months on…

By Roy Peach, Youth Leader It’s a little over four months since lockdown started. For some they probably thought that when KYC closed its doors (early I hasten to add) in light of Covid-19 that that was it. Yeah right!


By Roy Peach, Youth Leader As the world slowly returns to ‘normal’, Youth Club prepares to meet with you face to face. So what’s happening? KYC:OUT is the name we’ve created for our new style of work. Spaced Out was created to cover all the stuff we’re doing whilst in lockdown, but KYC:OUT now focuses… Read More KYC:OUT


By Roy Peach, Youth Leader You’ll have seen on of our social media channels this thing called KYCSTART. It’s more than just a play on words though. Sure, it’s our attempt to have some fun with a name, however, it’s a name covering where we are currently at. The youth club has been alive and… Read More KYCSTART