‘Thank you so much Roy for running the pancake session (face to face session during Covid). He needed pushing to go but came back much happier and said it was great fun, and wow, you got him to eat something. He’s not eaten since Saturday (two days) so that’s a big relief. You are helping restore his confidence.’

Parent, name withheld

A big thank you to you and Helen. [He] really enjoyed [Virtual Youth Club], running around the house and looking for things. Thank you for your input and dedication to KYC.

Lorraine, parent

Thank you for organising [Virtual Youth Club] – it is definitely a hit and something that [she] really looks forward to.

Parent, name withheld

We’ve just been talking at work (should have been working!) and agreed how much the girls love youth club. Thanks so much for all you do. [She’s] always so positive about it all

Anonymous parent

‘Thank you so much for allowing us to use the youth club. It’s a great space and youth club kids are very lucky!’ 

Private hirer

You and your team do an amazing job. Thank you all so much for making every week so enjoyable for the children.

Lorraine, parent

‘I have been fortunate to witness the rejuvenation of Kennington Youth Club over the past six months and I am so pleased for the local community that it is back up and running. The leadership have taken the club into a new phase and I hope that it continues on its current trajectory towards new growth. The club has a great energy and positive atmosphere about it and I always enjoy visiting the club and working with the leaders. Oxfordshire Youth is proud of the partnership we have with Kennington Youth Club and hope that it continues well into the future.

David Cruchley, Oxfordshire Youth

‘I’m really enjoying it. They’re a great bunch of kids. Sign up – you’ll enjoy it.

Alfie (helper on his first few weeks)