We reckon we’ve one of the best clubs in the world. What makes it great are our young people.


Every young person in Kennington has access to high quality youth work.


Provide an ever-developing accessible space where young people can be successful, happy and healthy, safe, and feel supported.


We are a self-funded youth club located in Kennington, Oxford, open since the 1940s. Over the years we’ve had lots of different leaders, but following a year of closure, in mid-2017, our Youth Worker, Roy Peach, reinvigorated the club, and since then many young people from Kennington have passed through the doors.

From a white box to a colourful youth club, there’s something for everyone. Darts, pool, table tennis, table football, air hockey, board games, book swap, Wii, and more. Even a global pandemic forcing lockdown on the world for two years couldn’t stop us from providing youth work (we ran weekly online sessions delivering equipment to our young people, ran wellbeing walks in nature, and had many competitions with amazing prizes).

When we restarted five years ago, all of our young people were of the same age, but as time’s gone on, they’ve grown and younger people have joined the group. We went from having one large group, to two smaller groups, and now, from Easter 2022, due to demand and to help reach more young people, we’re shifting again with new times and age ranges.

You can find the club in its own building behind the village hall (opposite the health centre). Simply turn into the public car park, follow the MacIntyre building to the right and wham bam, there we are.

Apart from the great equipment mentioned before we recently created a wellbeing room, and purchased a load of musical equipment so you could be the next musical superstar. Some weeks we may talk about issues affecting our young people, the community, the world, mental health, knife crime, healthy eating, etc. You name it and we’ve probably covered it.

We also have parties and sleepovers at the hall as well as trips and meals out.

We’ve four spaces:

  • The Hall – sports and high energy activities
  • The Hive – sitting and chilling, playing board games
  • The Hangout – for pool and hanging out on sofas
  • The Haven – our calm, quiet space to relax and take a breather.

Most nights we have a tuck shop, and all items (except small sweets) are 50p and we offer a range of  drinks, chocolate bars, crisps, and healthy snacks.


We take the safety of the young people and adults very seriously. To find out more about our safety measures please click here.


Annual membership is £15 (discounts for families with multiple siblings), with weekly sessions costing £2 (you pay for what you turn up to). Please note that we can only have a maximum of 32 in the building, so if you have to wait to join us, we ask you contact us first. It’s not because we’re elitist, it’s Health and Safety.

We always ask parents/carers to accompany Juniors to the hall on the first session so that we can get acquainted. You do not have to stay but we do like to put names to faces. Seniors can just turn up because, well, it’s too uncool to have an adult with you, innit?