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October 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the October 2019 50:50 draw:

1st prize – £35.00 – Ball #39
2nd prize – £10.00 – Ball #46
3rd prize – £5.00 – Ball #14

Please click here for previous winning numbers.

Why a Draw
The relaunch of the youth club has been fantastic but we want to make it even better. We’ve got the ideas, the drive, the passion, but we need the funds to do it.

We’ve decided to launch a monthly 50:50 draw. Tickets cost £2 and 50% of the amount raised could be yours if you win. The aim is to sell 200 tickets a month, the profit from which would go a long way to meeting our goals for the club’s future.

Buying a Ticket
£2 per ticket per month OR
£24 for an annual ticket, or multiples thereof if you buy more than 1 ticket per month.

The draw is open to anyone over 16.

Tickets are available at the youth club on club nights (Wednesday), or by contacting our Treasurer:- Mark Horseman, 9 Manor Grove, Kennington, OX1,5QY.

We prefer standing orders but can also accept cheques (made payable to Kennington Venture Club) or cash. Please enclose the 5050 Draw Form. If you are unable to print it out please email kycdraw@gmail.com and we’ll provide one to you directly. kyc 5050 prize

50% will go to support the youth club
35% for the 1st prize
10% 2nd prize
5% for 3rd prize

The Numbers
We will email you confirming your ticket number(s) when you join.

We will use one ball for each ticket. The same number cannot win more than one prize per month.

Winners will be emailed.

Prizes will be awarded by cheques to the stated address provided when you joined.

Winning numbers will be published on our website, in the village magazine, and on Facebook.

Contacting Us

The draw is run by Helen Horseman, on behalf of Kennington Youth Club, who can be contacted at kycdraw@gmail.com .

Legal Information

Only people 16 and over may enter. The draw is run in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005 as a Small Society Lottery. The youth club holds a licence to run this draw issued by the Vale of the White Horse District Council.

A copy of our data protection policy can be downloaded here: KYC 50-50 Draw Data Protection Policy.

Full List of Rules

A full list of rules for the 50:50 Draw can be found on the rules page or can be downloaded in PDF format KYC 5050 Draw Rules Feb 2018 .