50:50 Draw Rules

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The rules of the Kennington Youth Club 50:50 Draw are as follows:


  1. The Lottery will be run under the Gambling Act 2005 Small Society Lottery. The promoter will be Helen Horseman, 23 Bickerton Road, Headington, Oxford on behalf of Kennington Youth Club.


  1. Entries may only be purchases by people 16 years or older.


  1. 50% of the money raised from this draw will be used to fund the Kennington Youth Club.


  1. A ticket costs £2 per month, payable by the 1st of the month of the draw. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or via standing order to the club. On receipt of payment a Draw Number or multiples thereof will be assigned to the buyer. This/these numbers will continue to assigned to the user as long as the payee is in credit. In the event of a lapse in payment the allocated number will be made void to you and re-allocated when a further purchaser becomes available.


  1. A draw will take place the second Wednesday of each month at the Wednesday youth club meeting. In the event there is no meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the club, a draw will instead be made in front of at least 1 committee member and 1 other person or as soon after the 2nd Wednesday as possible.


  1. The winning numbers will be published via our website, our Facebook page and, assuming there is the opportunity, via the Kennington Chronicle.


  1. The monthly draw will be conducted by 2 people, at least one of which will be a member of the youth club committee.


  1. No draw participant will be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received by Payment condition as at rule 4. The Promoter reserves the right to reallocate any numbers where payment has not been received on time.


  1. The prize fund shall be 50% of the total money raised that month. The prize money will be split as 35% to the first number drawn, 10% to the second number drawn and 5% to the third number drawn. The actual amount paid will be rounded up to the nearest penny.


  1. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prize. Winners will be notified by the promoter or designated member of the youth club committee, and a full list of the winning numbers will be available for inspection at the Youth Club and on our website.


  1. Prizes will be paid by cheque only, addressed to the person holding the winning numbers.


  1. Winners’ names will not be identified without permission


  1. Participants can cancel their entry in the draw at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Promoter (if paying by standing order they should also advise their bank)


  1. In the event we have been unable to deliver any prizes or any of the cheques remain uncashed, the relevant prize money will revert to the youth club funds.


  1. Any decision by the club to wind up the draw will be by one months written notice. Any money for draws that will now not take place will be refunded by cheque.


  1. The Club reserves the right to amend the rules of the YC Lottery from time to time, as may be necessary. A copy of current rules will be available on our website



Promoter: Helen Horseman (Youth Club Committee Member); Mark Horseman (Youth Club Committee Treasurer), Roy Peach (Youth Leader)

Scrutinisers: One committee member and one independent person.


Rule Maintainer: Helen Horseman (Committee Member)

Rule Verified by Committee Member Verifier: Jenny Forder (Chair)


A PDF of the rules can be downloaded by clicking this link:  KYC 5050 Draw Rules Feb 2018.