By Roy Peach, Youth Leader

The government may keep changing their minds, but we’re not!

Our last update was a little while ago. Since then the government have changed their minds several times about lockdown measures. The best news though is that youth work is finally being classed as an essential service. The benefits it brings to young people’s wellbeing is recognised. Somewhere to go in the evening, something to do, a safe space to talk about thoughts, feelings, and have a laugh.

As such, KYC continues to operate for young people in the village. With the nights drawing in, we’re not out and about on the streets anymore. We could be, but we’re limited on adult support and actually, it’s quite nice to be back in the hall, so we’ve got two bubbles set up and running, and if more people are interested in joining us, we could get more started too.

But remember, we’ve not stopped! Apart from a two week breather because we needed a break, our team have continued to offer youth work throughout lockdown.

What’s it like being back in the hall?
It’s great. We can go back on the equipment, run around, and just be with our mates. We have to learn to respect the new rules and layout of the hall which are in place to keep us safe, but actually, we’ve gone back to school and into shops and can cope with their rules, so we can cope with the KYC ones.

If you fancy joining us, get in touch. Happy to hear from young people, and especially adults.

(Image EliasSch via Pixabay)