By Roy Peach, Youth Leader

You’ll have seen on of our social media channels this thing called KYCSTART. It’s more than just a play on words though.

Sure, it’s our attempt to have some fun with a name, however, it’s a name covering where we are currently at. The youth club has been alive and kicking under my leadership for three years and closed for three months now due to lockdown. With new government guidelines, it’s time to set the wheels in motion to get face to face work started again.

Sure, we’ve done amazing things with digital youth work, but for us, connecting personally with the young people means so much more. This is also our opportunity as we come out of lockdown to review our work and make a plan for the sustainability of our future.

We have had an online survey available for a few weeks and as I write we are preparing to have a meeting with anybody that is interested to discuss how the youth club will progress.

Youth work has not stopped at KYC. If anything, we have doubled what we were previously offering, and we are seeking to increase this again as we go forward.

We can’t ‘kickstart’ our next phase alone. Young people, parents, supporters in whatever capacity, you all play a part.

The next stage of KYC’s life should be an exciting one, and with the community behind us, we should continue to go from strength to strength.

Key Points at present

  • Digital youth club continues to run for members.
  • Challenges and competitions run, open for all young people.
  • Community fundraisers are running – grab a great prize.
  • The hall is still ‘out of bounds’ to all, but not for long.

If you’ve not linked into our social media yet, please do.