The importance of youth work

by Roy Peach, Youth Leader

There is no denying that youth work is essential. In fact, it’s so essential that there is a call for it to be classed as a key service due to how much of a life line it is for young people, providing a safe, social space for them to learn and develop.

Over the past few months, with the closure of the club we know that our young people have struggled with their mental health and wellbeing. We are seeing across the country, separation trauma in our children and we are working within our means at KYC to continue to support our members by providing our online wellbeing service and our virtual youth club. We know we could do more, we want to do more, and we’re looking into this.

We all want the hall to reopen of course, but actually, it’s also a really great time at the moment to think about what we want youth work to look like going forward. Let’s take the opportunity to start planning for the future. This means a team approach. It’s not about adults telling the young people what to do, it’s about young people telling us.

Keep an eye out on all of our channels for info on how we’re going to do this.