Village Yard Sale

Thank You Kennington & Radley Residents

Garage Sale

Thank you to everyone who was involved with the youth club for the village-wide yard sale this weekend. Thank you to those who donated things for us to sell, those who came along to buy and of course our volunteers who ran the stall.

Items for sale included books, CDs, jewelry, bird feed, a tent and even a fridge!

We had some good and interesting conversations with local residents during the two days about the club and what we do, our ideas for the future and even some possible guests to invite and venues for trips.

We raised over £85 for club funds, which has enabled the fundraising team to meet our first goal for the year, which was to raise the funds to enable us to run more competitions during the year and offer engraved medals to the winners … now we just need to decide what those extra competitions are going to be …. watch this space.