Helping benefits

#VolunteersWeek takes place each year from 1-7 June and is a chance for us to say thank you to all of those volunteers, helpers, supporters who give their time freely to organisations and groups.

There are loads of benefits to being a helper, with so many diverse roles. Most people who support something they care about not only see the difference they are making but feel it in themselves. It’s human nature to feel good from helping others.

38% of the UK population volunteer at least once a year. Last year that amounted to more than 20 million people across the country making a massive difference in their communities.

Whether it’s once a year, once a month, or once a week, it would be great to have you on board with us as we look to develop the club for the future. As our provision expands, our team’s roles are getting busier and they’re getting a little stretched at times.

In particular, small admin jobs take up a lot of time which could be spent on planning and running trips and events. Maybe you could take some off our hands? Maybe you fancy just helping us to run a trip one weekend? If so, we can either take more young people or let some of our regular team take a week off. Perhaps you’d rather offer a couple of hours a year to fling a duster round the building?

Find out more at the website, call, or drop me an email. Whatever you do to get involved, you will be making a huge difference to yours and others’ lives.