Our Wonderful Team

For #VolunteersWeek I’m raising the profile of our wonderful team at Kennington Youth Club.

Our team bring a vast array of skills from the education sector to IT specialists, hospital workers, tradespeople, and operations management. Some are still working, others are retired, but all are valued and valuable members of our team. Some give up an hour a few times a year, others a lot more, but whatever their contribution, it’s essential to us staying open.

This proves that a youth club doesn’t just run on youth workers! If it did, we’d actually be closed as I’m the only one who is a youth worker!

If you’ve prowled the website or been to club, you’ll have seen the team before, but here they are in all their glory (less a couple whose photos I’ve not got).

Helping at the club can help you gain valuable new skills and
experiences, and boost your confidence, so why not have a go one time?

A massive thank you to my current and ever-expanding team. Roy