First Aid cover

Really pleased to announce that today I attended the First Aid course held at the youth club which as lead first aider means I am as up to date as can be, but even more exciting is that Audrey came with me, so we now have a total of six first aiders available to us which is a massive help.

Here’s Audrey practising how to deal with choking incidents on Hayley, the trainer, using a technical piece of equipment where a foreign body is lodged in the tube at the front. You might catch the moment it flies through the air, although you won’t see the moment it landed in someone’s tea.

Audrey loved it, considering her last training was 50 years ago, and she didn’t think she would manage. She was laughing throughout but is really hoping not to use her skills any time soon.

Our First Aid Team are key to ensuring we can open each week. If you have a First Aid certificate, we would love to hear from you.