Fund Finder


We are pleased to announce that following the most recent committee meeting on 28th March, Helen Horseman, our Cafe Manager, has agreed to step in as the Fundraising Co-ordinator until such time that we can fill this role.

This is a crucial role to ensure that the club can remain open and running fully, providing activities at subsidised prices. Helen’s priority is applying for grants, whilst continuing to manage the 50:50 Club. In the future, this role is likely to develop to include overseeing any fundraising events we undertake.

If you have letter writing skills, are a keen event planner, or are happy to support in any other way, we would love to hear from you, as Helen’s role covers purchasing supplies for the Cafe, providing website maintenance support, and now fundraising. We are all for flexible volunteering, so if it’s just an hour or two in the year, we’ll happily accept.

Roy – Youth Leader